Peter Cohn -- Political and Social Documentaries

Cohn made his first independent low-budget film in 1995, the critically acclaimed dramatic feature Drunks, shot in a church basement and on the streets of Times Square in 14 days.   Since then, he's made three documentary films on major political and social issues, also on micro-budgets, with guerilla self distribution and multi-channel outreach through Hillcrest Films.


Holy Land (2014)
Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America (2010)
Golden Venture (2006)
Drunks (1995)

  • Drunks, directed by Peter Cohn

    An Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in a Time Square church basement.

  • goldenventure3x4
    Golden Venture

    Chinese immigrants voyage across the world, only to be trapped in an American immigration nightmare.

  • Power and Control 3X4
    Power and Control

    An exploration of the shocking persistence of gender violence…

  • HolyLand_3x4_3
    Holy Land

    Israeli settlers and the Israelis and Palestinians who oppose them…

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Occasional rants from the keyboard of Peter Cohn

Just control yourselves

What a pathetic mess in Congress around the Ilhan Omar controversy. I can’t be happy that the Dems are getting what they deserve for perpetuating sclerotic leadership — it’s too scary to think they may blow it and hand Trump a second term. The main thing going on here are overly hysterical fears of anti-semitism, […]