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I Advocate Unilateral Withdrawal

Israel’s victory in the Six Day War was a triumph of soldiering and military technology. Israel still retains vast military superiority over its neighbors, and obviously over the Palestinians. There is a large body of opinion in the Israeli military, and former Israeli military, that Israel’s security no longer depends on holding the West Bank.

Gorenberg Reflects on 50 Years

In sundry ways, the West Bank isn’t Algeria. Still, Eshkol was mistaken, and Aron’s point holds true for Israel and the occupation. The “loss” of the occupied territories won’t be the end of Israel. Holding on to them might be.

Libraries v. Big Streaming

Libraries vs. Big Streaming – an unfinished tale of copyright and disruption A desperate call appeared on the VideoLib listerv. “13th,” a much-lauded social-issue documentary, nominated for an Oscar, could not be shown in class, to groups, or placed in an archive of important 2016 films. It was showing only on Netflix, where no such […]